February 9, 2017

||Schroth / Scoliosis Coach||

Welcome to the Scoliosis Coach Clinic

Our traditional Schroth exercise therapy is the perfect compliment to any bracing protocol when treating scoliosis.  Learn more about the Schroth technique here!

In the same location as LA Brace, this is the most efficient and effective choice for complete proactive scoliosis management – for all ages. We give you tools to manage your curves over a lifetime while making the least impact on everyday life and getting results.

Our goals:

  • Reduction or halt curve progression
  • Create a stable, more balanced spine
  • Improve appearance
  • Improve lung function
  • Decrease vertebral rotation
  • Relieve or reduce pain
  • Improve strength and flexibility
  • Learn exercises and basic corrections during daily activities
  • Avoid surgery or manage post surgery pain

What is the Schroth Technique?

Developed 80 years ago in Germany by Katharina Schroth, it is the standard scoliosis treatment in Europe. The therapy, tailored to each patient’s curves, focuses on halting curve progression, reducing pain, and improving posture, strength and lung function. It include stretching, strengthening and breathing techniques that counteract the rotation of the curvatures. Patients practice new techniques at home or in our clinic.

The goal is to incorporate postural corrections into their daily lives. Studies have found that Schroth improves patient prognosis, and reduces the incidence of surgery – among people in all age groups.  Avoid surgery – avoid curve progression!  Research shows: Schroth and Chenêau Bracing, together, gets the best results



How is the Scoliosis Coach Different Than Other Schroth Clinics?

  • We customize a program for you to work on at home or here with us in the clinic
  • No boot camps
  • No multilevel marketing or sales
  • Quality care using the original method
  • Dr. Stevens was Certified by the direct descendant of the Schroth Method and stays true to its principles.
  • We are a Traditional Schroth Best Practice® Clinic

Other Services:

  • Chiropractic Treatment
  • Disc Bulge / Sciatica Treatment: with the Cox Flexion Distraction Technique: A non-surgical, doctor-controlled traction for decompression of the disc bulge
  • Pilates: Exercises designed to gain strength in injured or painful areas. Fitness and pain relief are my specialty
  • Pilates Education: An Internationally recognized PMA Approved Program. The Pilates Sports Center Teacher Training Program is world class education. PSC has been educating successful Pilates instructors nationwide and overseas for 17+ years

About Dr. Andromeda Stevens, D.C.

Inspired by her own scoliosis condition, Dr. Stevens became a chiropractor over 20 years ago. Her practice specializes in the proper rehabilitation of the lower back and treatment of scoliosis. She obtained a Pilates and Schroth Best Practice® Certification to incorporate Pilates and Schroth regiments in to her patients regimen so as to resolve scoliosis and pain more effectively. She is the co-founder Pilates Sports Center, Inc. in Los Angeles with affiliates nationwide and internationally.

Credentials include:

  • Cleveland Chiropractic College of
  • Los Angeles Graduate “96
  • Schroth Best Practice® Certified
  • (First Group in the United States)
  • Cox Flexion/Distraction Technic® Certified
  • Massage Therapist – Touch Therapy Institute
  • Pilates Method Alliance – “Gold” Certified Pilates Teacher™
  • Master Teacher Trainer for Reebok Sports Club/NY 2007
  • PMA Education Provider™
  • Presenter At The Following Events:
  • Body Mind Spirit / Pilates On Tour / Inner Idea / Mad Dogg WSSC and Mind Body Fit Pro

Link: Brochure for Schroth Rates and Info

How To Reach Us:

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