February 9, 2017

||LA Brace Center||

The LA Brace is the most advanced, most effective bracing solution available for scoliosis treatment. At the LA Brace center, we have developed modified LA Brace treatment plans to maximize outcomes for certain curve types and patient age groups.

Our unique LA 2-brace system, used exclusively here at The LA Brace Center, was designed specifically to maximize the benefits of different pressure systems and allow for patients to utilize different postural corrections. The 2-brace system is pattern specific and usually for double curve scoliosis (King1, King 2, King 3). One brace is usually designed to correct both curves, the other brace is designed to either correct just the lumbar curve and/or be used as a postural exercise brace. A brace designed for the lumbar curve only is usually much more effective on this curve than a brace designed for both curves.

The 2-brace system has the additional benefit of giving kids a lower profile brace to wear during school hours, making compliance less of an issue.