Hello scoliosis world!

Why is ScoliosisLA a more effective scoliosis treatment than other systems?

  1. True 3-Dimensional Schroth treatment using Best Practice Methods.
  2. The genuine 3-Dimensional LA 3D Brace. Other braces may claim to be 3-dimensional but rarely have the appropriate pressures and voids needed to genuinely work in co-existance with 3D Schroth treatment.
  3. Principal Doctor, Andromeda Stevens DC, has 20+ years experience treating scoliosis and is Schroth Best Practice Certified.
  4. Principal Orthotist, Gez Bowman CO, specializes in scoliosis and has 20 years of experience bracing scoliosis. He is also the inventor of the LA 3D brace, a more advanced, critically acclaimed scoliosis brace.
  5. Our team collaborate to provide the best possible treatment plan for your specific scoliosis needs.

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