February 9, 2017


Scoliosis in adults can be a direct result from having scoliosis as a child/adolescent or could develop with aging. This adult-onset type of scoliosis is usually a mild curvature involving predominantly the lower levels of the spine.

Symptoms related to adult scoliosis are mostly due to excessive torque caused by the misalignments or due tro degeneration of the spine and structures that support the spine.

The first approach to treatment for adult scoliosis should always be non-surgical treatment. In general, patients in good health who are experiencing back pain and fatigue, are best treated with a Schroth specific therapy program. This will be effective in re-conditioning muscles and gaining a reduction of abnormal alignment and motion in the spinal column, reducing pain. In order for the exercises to be effective they must be performed on a regular basis.

For patients with more severe pain and/or more severe misalignment or instability, the addition of the Adult LA Scoliosis brace (ALAS) can be a very big help. The ALAS brace will help to realign the spine and reduce abnormal motion across the spine, as well as providing the sensation of increased support. The ALAS does not eliminate the need for Schroth therapy and exercises can often be performed while wearing the brace. The ALAS brace is a less aggressive, lighter, thinner brace than the Pediatric LA Brace.