ScoliosisLA is the combination of the premier scoliosis treatments to deliver the most effective possible outcomes for patients with scoliosis.

For decades Therapy treatment was considered ineffective for scoliosis based upon studies done in the 1970s that showed no slowing of curve progression and no reduction in surgery rates. During these times, the best non-surgical treatment option for scoliosis was cosidered to be the Boston Brace. A rigid 2-dimensional brace that slowed the progression of the curve and thereby reduced surgery rates from around 40% to about 30%.

However times have changed, treatments evolved and now we have more advanced pattern-specific 3-dimensional therapy programs like the Schroth Method and more effective computer-generated 3-dimensional bracing like The LA Brace TM . Combining them together gives us the best possible treatment option for scoliosis so surgery can be avoided while many patients can finally get to see reductions in the size of their curves.